New Skype Adds Call Forwarding, Ringtones

by PC Magazine

Skype, which rose to international prominence through its multibillion-dollar agreement to be acquired by aucton site eBay, has grown its subscription base to 56 million people and 170,000 new subscriptions per day. The new software does not provide any integration with eBay, however. more >>

The New Sound of Music:

Ringtones, the Celestial Jukebox and the Mobilization of Media

In his mind's eye, Shawn Conahan envisions a music library that stretches into infinity, its limitless holdings encompassing songs old and new, legendary and obscure - Bach to Beatles to Britney and beyond. He calls it the celestial jukebox. more >>

Lord of Ringtones

by Hilary Potkewitz

Twentieth Century Fox and Loews Cineplex Entertainment Corp. have added free wireless downloads through Bluetooth wireless stations at the movies. People with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones can download ringtones, wallpaper and movie trailers for free at Loews. more >>

Loophole revealed on ringtone websites

Internet Business News

QPass, a security company, has revealed that due to a loophole on some ringtone websites many consumers have been able to download ringtones completely free of charge. QPass surveyed the websites of 42 mobile operators and 58 online stores as part of the company's research. more >>

Napster tunes into mobile ringtones

by The Mobile Internet

Napster is to enter the mobile-phone ringtone market next year, launching their own brand service on the back of mobile content delivery company Dwango Mobile.. more >>