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Ring Tones

Ring tones, 30-second music clips you download to replace your cell's ring, turn a plain old phone into your personal deejay. But before you make "My Boo" your signature sound, here are some tips for avoiding service snags.

New Skype Adds Call Forwarding, Ringtones

by PC Magazine

Skype, which rose to international prominence through its multibillion-dollar agreement to be acquired by aucton site eBay, has grown its subscription base to 56 million people and 170,000 new subscriptions per day. The new software does not provide any integration with eBay, however. more >>

Billboard Mobile offers top ten charts for ringtones

by The Mobile Internet

MFORMA, a publisher and distributor of mobile entertainment, and Billboard, a trusted source of music and entertainment news, charts, and reviews, announced their entrance into the mobile music marketplace and a long-term, exclusive partnership to deliver a wide array of new music services under the Billboard brand to mobile users everywhere. more >>

Music biz explores wireless frontier

by Antony Bruno

And so it begins. Wireless operators and record companies are starting to let mobile subscribers buy and download full songs over wireless networks directly to mobile phones capable of storing and playing music. more >>

Wildseed on making ringtones sing - Upfront

news from Japan

In early 2003, Kyocera is planning to release a new phone for the US market (code-named Delta 2), which is aimed at the "young and fun" segment and optimized for entertainment. The Delta 2 will feature Wildseed's "Smart Skin" intelligent faceplates and "Smart Screen" software. more >>

Retroringtones Simplifies Ringtone Creation

by Jason Ankeny

While much of the fledgling mobile music market used mid-November's MobileMusiCon event to address the segment's future, content provider RetroRingtones instead chose to address a market void by announcing the launch of RetroFolio. more >>

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