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They say "olaa.:) is what we love to say here at Fliiby. Fliiby stands for File Library : an unique, unified and simple way for file uploading, categorizing and sharing. Browse thrue hundreds of categories for images, audio, video, flash, documents and packed archives. Instant check user pages, their folders and files.

Easy describe and categorize your uploaded files, make them private or disable download for audio and videos. Manage your folders and files, edit, share or delete them. Preview your videos, audio, flash and images thrue pages or build in player in upload and managment page.

enjoy." So that's what i can say for now . i like there design its simple and basically its all in flash . Player can be moved with arrows for few seconds forward and back and can be stooped with space witch i liked the most as you tube doesn't have that. Multi upload option is nice and categorising all of the files . hm i hope it will all work out nice .

any way enjoy if u like this new type of site . So if u have any desire to create your library folder with your stuff well u are welcome to join them and start working with them on there nice litle project .

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