High Definition Media Bluray

The new solution for enjoying high definition media is the technology known as blu-ray. If you are after making your movie collection artwork lasting, then DVD Blu-Ray media disc is the right one for you. Blu-ray Disc The DVD Blu-ray disc is an optical disc storage media format, which is developed and promoted by the Blur-ray Disc Association (a group of companies that represent computer hardware, consumer electronics, and motion picture production). The structure of the disc contains a unique reading formulation. It uses blue-violet laser for reading mechanism resulting for a shorter wavelength of 405 nm, roughly shorter than those of a standard DVD or CD (650 nm wavelength).

The shorter the wavelength is, the bigger the data storage capacity. Also, the DVD Blu-ray disc both a 25 GB capacity (single layer) and 50 GB capacity (dual layer) and a wide range of usage. Since the Blu-Ray disc's launched in 2007, its acceptance as DVD media replacement has significantly increased. Blu-ray has had much support from consumers as well as movie studios and this has greatly contributed to its triumph over HD-DVD.g., Warner Brothers, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Walt Disney).

Such positive events led for people to think of it as the next generation media. Its Unique Recording Layer Normally, the standard DVD would have a recording layer that is squeezed in between two 0.6 mm layers of polycarbonate plastic. The Blu-Ray Disc on the other hand, has a recording layer of 1.1-mm think plastic substrate and is secluded by a 0.1-mm thin cover layer.

Because of this, better disc reading is achieved since the laser does not require traveling distantly to the point of focus. In addition, there is an increased in recording density since the laser can further be narrowly focused by as large as 0.85 NA lens aperture. Tilt problems that are often associated with substrate stresses are also minimized. Consequently, such stresses occur during the production procedure, specifically while at the injection molding process. Such process may cause the laser light to split in two separate beams (birefringence).

If that happens and becomes too much, then the drive fails to read data from the disc. Having the recording layer closer to the surface however causes some drawbacks. Unfortunately, this leaves the disc exposed to dust, unwanted fingerprint marks, and to some possible accidental abrasions or scratches. Developers created a special layer to cover the disc to effectively avoid any issues associated with scratches. This protective coat is made sufficiently hard to avoid any accidental abrasion or scratch.

The protective coat also allows for the dust and fingerprints be removed by simply wiping them off the disc. You will find that this is impossible to achieve with a standard DVD based media. Choosing Wisely Going for the Blu-ray media products may perhaps be the practical way of protecting your long-years of painstaking effort to accomplish adding and completing your movie collection. And a meticulous work as such must not allow resources, time, and effort to get wasted. There is no point investing on items that aren't future proof in the long term.

Obviously, when you choose for Blu-ray media, you are actually giving yourself later rewards. You protect your movie collection artwork in the sense that they are highly protected and so quality of your collection will last for many years to come and for the next generations to appreciate.

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