Nokia BH the least unattractive Bluetooth headset

Given facts are that Bluetooth technology has taken over the way we communicate today. Nokia takes another step with its BH-800 Bluetooth enabled headset. The term "Bluetooth" is not new at all. Its origins can be traced back to when the first telephone was invented by Alexander Bell.

One story has it that it was used in the first phone call ever made and you thought the first words spoken were "can you hear me now? Legend has it that after he had finished inventing the telephone, he set it on the table and was admiring his new creation, when all of a sudden it rang. Alexander answered the call and it turns out it was his dentists office, calling to verify an appointment he had made a week earlier to have a Bluetooth looked at that had become stained after eating his favorite food, that happened to be blueberries. Bluetooth is the phrase given to a type of technology that was developed to give cell phone users complete versatility while remaining totally hands free.

The Nokia BH-800 Bluetooth wireless headset is a fine example of this technology that is now on the market. It is roughly the size of a domino game piece and what is packed into this little gem is nothing short of amazing. It is worn on one ear using a comfortable clip and ear bud and is so light weight that you can easily forget that you are wearing it, in fact let me check if mine is still on. It gives you hands free access to your cell phone and a multitude of functions to use with your cell phone. One simple, easy to use button gives you complete control over of the functions.

These include answering and ending phone calls, voice dialing activation, and redialing and volume control. Weighing in at a mere 0.32 ounce, the Nokia BH-800 wireless headset is a featherweight that packs a ton of features.

The voice microphone picks up the voice of the person using it in the ear canal so there is no visible microphone on it. By doing this external surrounding noise is not greatly reduced or eliminated all together. You can talk while driving down the road with you window down and hear and be heard with complete clarity. No more shouting into your cell phone or straining to hear what your caller is saying.

Low voltage technology combined with a lithium polymer battery combine to give an unbelievable time between charges. Fully charged it gives a full six hours of talk time and up to one-hundred-sixty hours of standby time. That is over six days of standby time on one charge. So no more running dead right in the middle of an important phone call. Don't you love it when that happens? The Nokia BH-800 Bluetooth wireless headset comes with everything you need to start talking Bluetooth. In fact your cell phone may already have Bluetooth capabilities, well most of them do.

So there is nothing else to buy with the Nokia BH-800 Bluetooth headset. So unless you want to be left behind in this new technological age of wireless communications systems go check into what Nokia has to offer in this state of the art system.

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