The Future of Cell Phones

Already, the cell phone is starting to become a staple in modern city life. Think about it for a moment. Is there any single person you know today who doesn't own a cell phone? The cell phone is replacing the landline.

It provides us with instant contact no matter where we may be with anyone else in the world. The future of cell phones definitely isn't a bleak one. Already, phones are being built with full computer processors, internal memory, and can run advanced applications.

People are able to type as if they were using a laptop, browse the internet with a full browser, and have constant contact with email. No more waiting to check your mail when you get home. As our world becomes more technologically advanced, so will our connection to it. Already coffee shops and malls offer free wi-fi internet access. You can even connect for free in some McDonald's restaurants.

And being able to connect is just a start. Imagine one day when there will be free wireless internet access everywhere you go. Our world will become one inter-connected machine. What if instead of the government installing and controlling cameras on every street lamp, your cell phone will connect the internet around you and will be able to show you any and every person around you. Yes, cell phones are becoming miniature, portable computers. With technologies such as Google Streetview, we'll not only be able to get a map of where we're headed.

We'll get traffic reports, a gps signal, and a 3-dimensional video of which direction to take. The future will bring lots of amazing things. Think you'll always have that piece of plastic in your wallet to be able to charge things to? In the future, your cell phone will know your credit card number. You'll be able to walk into a store, be greeted by name, pick out a shirt you want, and walk right out the door.

You cell phone will broadcast directly to the store's network and exchange information instantly and silently. You'll be charged simply by stepping outside with a tagged product. No more waiting in line, no more dealing with annoying customer service. As soon as you step into a store, you'll be connected to it. One day, you'll probably be able to glance at your phone and it will tell you where your size is located, or where the milk at the grocery store is. Now, of course, many people are afraid that our society will become a dystopia.

They fear a 1984 world and with the way things are going, it's definitely a very rational problem. Though, our world is headed of one of two directions. Within one hundred years (our children's generation) we'll have either destroyed each other for good or we'll have completed the first cycle of sociological evolution and will become a type one civilization. Cell phones will become the language of human 2.0.

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