Wireless Networking The Cutting Edge Of Technology

One of the fastest growing and most exciting technologies these days is devices that use some sort of wireless network. Wireless networking has allowed almost anyone to use many different devices in a way that not too long ago was unheard of. The most exciting thing about wireless networking is that the development of new technologies is only just beginning. A new wireless protocol, 802.11N, should be released later this year, which will allow wireless networks to connect over longer distances, and at faster speeds. With this new advancement companies will be able to allow all of their users to connect to the network wirelessly.

This new protocol, coupled with recent advancements in secure connections to wireless networks, will allow businesses to perform tasks wirelessly that they have never been able to do before. Companies utilizing this new protocol will also be able to save quite a bit of money trying to hard wire their offices, by using less wireless routers to do the same task that wired routers did in the past. Wireless networks have become a very important part of many businesses, because you can construct a wireless network that is separate from your main network that only allows visitors access to the internet and not to any of your precious information. This will also allow you to setup places for visitors to connect to the internet that do not require a desk to be setup or a dedicated computer setup for their access.

Instead you can utilize a sitting area and a laptop to achieve the same functionality, without the security risks of someone connecting directly into your network. Many of the reasons why wireless networks were a faux pas in the past have been addressed and now wireless networks are looked at more and more as a viable alternative to a hard wired network. The best thing about wireless networks is that many new technologies are being released every year that extend the functionality and availability of this fascinating new technology. The new technologies that are available to construct, and connect to wireless networks is unbelievable.

You can connect to a wireless network with a laptop through Wi-Fi, GSM, and even through satellite data cards. Many businesses are creating free hotspots that allow their patrons access to the internet to conduct business, or just send a friend an email. Many car manufacturers are now offering satellite broadband internet access from within a certain distance of the car, so that people can get an internet connection while they are traveling. Many new types of cell phones and PDAs will allow you to check your email, get your contacts, your calendar, and even access certain web pages right from the phone. Right now many web pages are not easily viewed, or fully functional on a cell phone or PDA, but many programmers and web designers are working on making their web sites more accessible from all forms of wireless devices.

Many other forms of wireless devices are now being developed that will allow information to be obtained in real-time over great distances. RFID has revolutionized process chain management, because now businesses can track their product from manufacturing to delivery, and everywhere in between. New technologies have been developed recently that allow RFID wireless networks to be formed that can calculate distances between the different devices contained within the network.

This will allow a sort of "smart" network to be formed that will allow the devices to "know" when one is on the move, or if one has been lost. Another very important development in recent years is the use of GPS tracking and navigation. Now we have the ability to know exactly where our products are, and where they are going so we can ensure shipment delivery in a timely manner. When all of these wireless networks are tied together an efficient and productive business can be sure to follow. Wireless networks are a must in this new on-demand world that we live in.

If you do not keep up with the times, then you will be quickly left behind.

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